Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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    • Working to reshape business models, modernize products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.
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    Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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    Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

    Cognizant and Microsoft: Better Together

    Our partnership drives business agility through reduced time to market and lower costs.

    As a Microsoft strategic partner, Cognizant has the consulting skills and experience to help customers make the journey to the cloud. For each client project, Cognizant leverages its strong partnership with Microsoft to maximize customer benefits from the Azure architecture, including:

    • Improved business agility
    • Better control and compliance
    • Reduced time-to-market
    • Optimized cost savings

    Our partnership with Microsoft is driven by the common goal, to serve our customers better by leveraging the best of both worlds—Cognizant’s global delivery model and Azure’s efficient, low-cost cloud computing strength.

    While Azure provides the architectural cloud building blocks, Cognizant provides the differentiating integration strategy and expertise to create industry and horizontal solutions that solve customer problems.

    Read more on other Cognizant Cloud offerings.

    SAP on Microsoft Azure

    In addition to SAP consulting and advisory on cloud adoption, Cognizant provides 24x7 cloud managed services to support SAP applications.

    • Consulting for SAP Cloud Hosting
      • SAP Cloud Assessment & Trusted Advisory
      • Landscape Sizing and Planning for SAP on Cloud
      • Architecture for SAP Cloud Hosting
    • SAP Cloud Infrastructure Services
      • On-Demand Infrastructure Provisioning
      • Usage Based Pricing for Cloud Infrastructure
      • SID / Catalog and Capacity Based Pricing
    • SAP Migration & Operations
      • SAP Installation & Migration on Cloud
      • Deploy HA & DR Solutions on Cloud
      • Technical Operations of SAP Systems on Cloud


    Cloud Managed Services

    • Microsoft Azure
      • Compute - Azure auto-scaling, high availability, large-scale parallel/batch compute jobs
      • Storage - Azure StorSimple
      • Administration & Security - Azure identity and access management
      • Networking - Express route, traffic manager, VPN connect for on-premises datacenters, load balancer
      • Azure OEM support engagement
    • Cloud360? Integrated Monitoring Tools
      • VM/instance availability monitoring
      • URL monitoring
      • Port, service monitoring
      • Monitoring database growth
      • Monitor backup jobs
      • Monitoring cloud environment
      • Database replication monitoring
      • Database growth monitoring
      • Load balancer monitoring
      • Scale in/scale out monitoring
      • Storage IOPS monitoring
      • OS users and group monitoring
      • HTTP status code
      • HTTP response time
      • Backup upload failed
      • Log uploads failed
      • RDS monitoring
      • Checking current CPU and memory from performance monitor of VM
      • Checking current disk utilization and highly size consuming file info of VM
      • Checking current service status
    • OS Instance Management
      • Instance start, stop, reboot
      • Instance creation, deletion, scale up, scale down
      • Reserve instances per SOW/environment need
      • Instance utilization and event generation optimization
      • Access to instance for different user base
      • Additional remote desktop license maintenance
      • Ensure certification implementation with periodic rotation
      • Create snapshot of instance for POC/non-production utilization
      • List of instance supported by MSS monthly
      • Azure costing and Instance charge-back
      • Resolve non-accessible instances with Azure
      • Storage volume management
      • Instance host name rename
      • Instance disk cleanup
      • Instance disk management
      • In-place and implementation compliance
    • SAP Application Management
      • Start and stop SAP applications
      • Technical monitoring
      • Database management (including SAP HANA)
      • Basis technical activities
      • Access provisioning
      • Transport management
      • End-to-end root cause analysis
      • Performance analysis
      • System backup and recovery
      • Upgrades
      • HA & DR solution management
    • DR Management
      • Back up all production environments to repository for cold disaster recovery and on-demand restoration
      • Manage and monitoring health of hot and warm DRs
      • Periodic DR test drills on agreed timelines

    Our centralized control dashboard and rich, robust service catalog simplifies discovery, management and workload governance across the entire virtual enterprise estate.

    Microsoft Azure | Business Partners | Cognizant Technology Solutions
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