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    Ready to transform your testing practice? Go for a customized solution that fits your QA team best.

    There are many ways to build QA into an enterprise. If your IT organization needs a managed center for quality assurance, we can help set one up. If you already have a center but need best practices that will better handle new projects—for example, testing apps for mobile devices—we can help there, too.   

    More than 75 enterprises worldwide trust Cognizant QA to design quality assurance centers for sustained, predictable development results.


    QA Process Assessments And Consulting

    Our engineering consultants examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of QA efforts. Includes evaluation of new tools and testing environments such as the cloud, software testing tools, the mobile environment, testing automation and application performance issues.                                    

    Managed Centers For QA    

    Consulting and tools needed to establish a permanent, managed QA function.                                                                

    Test Program Management

    Assistance with establishing processes and policies to maintain QA across complex, multiple projects.                       

    QA For M&A

    Our experts can assist with maintaining QA during corporate mergers and acquisitions, including how to handle resulting redundancies.                                                                            

    Transformation To World-Leading QA

    When best-in-class is no longer enough, we help clients elevate the maturity of their QA efforts to world?leading status.                                                    


    Accelerate Your Time to Market with Cognizant Product Testing Solutions

    We have the tools, team and test accelerators (as hosted, platform or installed software) to overcome all testing challenges faced during a product's lifecycle.                       

    Cognizant Mobility Testing Lab

    The faster, easier, more cost-effective way to test enterprise mobile apps.                      

    Testing for a Leading Broadband Provider

    Learn how Cognizant helped the client in setting up an automated testing system using our offshore model with minimum on-site presence. The client improved its delivery record, reduced costs and compressed time to market for its software.                      

    QA for a Leading Mortgage Bank

    For one of the top 10 largest thrifts in the U.S., Cognizant provides ongoing testing support for the majority of systems with the company's core mortgage systems group. The thrift has realized over 85% savings in regression testing costs and an overall 45% reduction in resource requirements.                     

    Quality Assurance Services | Cognizant Technology Solutions
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